World’s First Proposed Underwater Luxury Resort | Hydropolis  

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Jumeira Beach, Dubai U.A.E

THE HYDROPOLIS Underwater Hotel and Resort


It is basically divided into three sections: the land station, where guests will be welcomed; the connecting tunnel, which will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel; and the 220 suites within the submarine leisure complex. It will cover an area of 260 hectares, about the size of London’s Hyde Park, and will cost an estimated £300 million. As of August 2011 there has been the beginning of construction, or construction planned, of the Hydropolis hotel.

Underwater Hotel and Resort


The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort is a proposed hotel, designed by Prof. Roland Dieterle which would be the world’s first underwater luxury resort. It’s situated 66-foot (20 m) below the surface of the Persian Gulf, just off Jumeira Beach in Dubai


 Reinforced by concrete and steel ..


 Beautifications done with the extensive use of Glass..


Its Plexiglas walls and bubble-shaped dome ceilings will enable guests to see fish and other sea creatures.


PLANS: World’s First Proposed Underwater Luxury Resort | Hydropolis


The aerial view of the proposed resort and the jumaira beach.

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A Shanepedia Initiatives

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