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BSNL has lost a number of subscriber after swiping the unlimited internet packs. Now there is no unlimited plans at all in the GSM and 3G segment, in any telecom circle. But the plans are still worthy and cost-effective. Instead of Rs. 274 unlimited pack they have introduced Rs. 270 pack in prepaid. This pack offers 10GB data usages.

The revised data plans in 2G and 3G segments are as follows. These plans are available in all circles. Please note the exact tariff may vary by 3 rupees from circle to circle to prevent conflicting with other tariff.

All these 2G and 3G data plans are available for your data card also

Please note:The BSNL 2G data STV 98 (Prepaid) and GPRS Pack 89 (Postpaid) will be costlier from October 1st. The new prices will be Rs. 125 and Rs. 111 respectively. The data benefit will be 1250MB instead of 2GB. So, recharge before October and get more data at less price.

1) Postpaid 2G internet plans:-

FMC of plan in Rs./Month* Free data usage Additional usage charges with pulse rate of 10KB
Day/Any time usage Night Usage
Nil Nil Nil Rs.0.04/10KB
49 300 MB 2 GB Rs.0.04/10KB
89 2GB Rs.0.04/10KB
199 3 GB^^ 4 GB Rs.0.04/10KB
249 10 GB^^ Rs.0.04/10KB

*Service tax as applicable extra.
^^ Effective from 1 June 2011.
555 Plan has been replaced by Rs300 plan.

2) Prepaid 2G Internet plans:-

MRP of RCV in Rs.^ Free data usage Additional usage charge with pulse rate of 10KB Validity in days
Day/Any time usage Night Usage
Nil Nil Nil Rs.0.04/10KB NA
7 100 MB Nil Rs.0.04/10KB 1 day
14 200 MB Nil Rs.0.04/10KB 3 days
54 500 MB Nil Rs.0.04/10KB 30 days
98 2 GB Rs.0.04/10KB 30 days
219 4 GB^^ 4 GB Rs.0.04/10KB 30 days
270 10GB^^ Rs.0.04/10KB 30 days
300 8GB Rs.0.04/10KB 90 days

^ MRP of RCV is inclusive of Service Tax @10.30%
^^ Effective from 1 June 2011.
555 Plan is by Rs 300 plan.

Data card rates are also same for mobile users.

According to this table you can say that BSNL has capped an upper limit to its data plans Rs 270 for 10 GB (Earlier we have unlimited data usages in Rs 274) in 2G segment.

Unlimited 3G Data Plans:

Prepaid (Ctop) Postpaid (FMC899)
Plans Valid till: 2 April 2012 17 April 2012
Charges per month MRP: Rs 992/- FMC Rs 899/-
Usage upto 5GB 3.6Mbps 3.6 Mbps
Usage beyond 5GB 100 Kbps 100 Kbps
Benefit Availability Home + Roaming Home + Roaming

Note: Prices could vary by Rs. ±3/- from circle to circle.

New 3G Plans which are available from 1 June 2012:

New Prepaid 3G packs      
MRP in Rs.
Including S. Tax
Free Usage
(in MB)
(In Days)
 151  1GB  7
 250  1.25GB  30
 450  2.5GB  30  
 New Postpaid 3G Packs  
 222  1.25 GB  Tax extra
 400  2.5 GB  Tax extra

Prepaid 3G data plans (aka 3G internet packs)

Current Prepaid packs New plan from (1 May 2012)      
MRP in Rs.
Including S. Tax
MRP in Rs.
Including tax
Free Usage
(in MB)
(In Days)
100  No change 225 15
200  No change 500 15
400  300 1,000 30 *From May 1st, 2012
606  600 (90 days validity)* 3,000 30 1000MB (Day)+ 2000MB (Night),
*From May 1st, 2012
716  500 2,000 30  
1,250 (750)  750 5,000 30  
1,800 (1260)  1099 10,000 30  
2,250 (1575)  1500 15,000 30  
2,500  NA 20,000 60
3,000 30,000 90

Amount in brackets will be available till April 30th, 2012

Postpaid 3G Data plans.

 Postpaid Current  Postpaid Effective from 1 May.      
FMC in Rs.
Including S. Tax
FMC in Rs.
Service Tax Extra
Free Usage
(in MB)
For Days Remarks
 0 Nil  4p/10KB
369  270 1,000 30 *From May 1st, 2012
549 540 3,000 30 1000MB (Day)+ 2000MB (Night),
*3GB anytime From May 1st, 2012
649  450 2,000 30  
1,133 (680) 670 5,000 30  
1,633 (1143) 1100 10,000 30  
2,039 (1427) 1350 15,000 30  
NA 2500 30,000 30 New Plan

Amount in brackets will be available till April 30th, 2012
Also All Data usage beyond free bundled use will be charged at 4 paisa/10KB. Earlier it was 2p/10KB.

Note: As per TELECOM CONSUMERS PROTECTION REGULATIONS- 2012 act all data plans have been renamed as STV instead of standard recharge. STV can’t provide main balance and it also can’t have more than 90 days validity.

APN or GPRS MMS settings for BSNL

BSNL Subscriber can check their Prepaid Data usage by Dialing *123*10#, *123*4# or *123*6#.

Please Note: This post is regularly updated to meet the current offer/tariff or announcements made by BSNL. This is why you may find some old comments here. These plans are available on PAN India basis, You may refer to your Circle’s site to get local offers.

Updated on September 8th, 2012

Cons. of BSNL 2G and 3G Data Packs: Costumers should have to maintain minimum balance of Rs. 50 in their prepaid account to enjoy packs, otherwise GPRS service will be temporarily suspended (till account balance reaches Rs. 50).

BSNL launched two new long validity 3G GPRS packs

BSNL has recently launched two new 3G  vouchers  of 180 days validity and a “Best Value plan”. These vouchers are priced at Rs 2500 and Rs 5000 which will give 12GB and 30 GB of data usages

New 3G Long term Validity Plans:

Data RCV in Rs. Day/Any time usage in GB   Total bundled free Usage in GB Validity (days) Data Charges in Rs./10KB Data Charges in Rs./MB*
2500 12 12 180 0.02 0.25
5000 30 30 180 0.02 0.25

*For BSNL Stream APN

The effective cost per month of the first plan will be Rs. 417 for 2GB and second will will be Rs. 833 for 5 GB. These  plans  will suite most 3G users.

Best Value Plan:

The another plan launched by BSNL is the “Best Value  plan”. In this Plan customer will have to pay Rs.700 for first 2GB and  thereafter  they will pay only Rs 100 for additional GBs of data usages. Data usages will be counted in 10kb pulse.

Good News for Retired PSU/Govt. Sector employee:

Retired Govt. sector and PSUs employee will get 10% on their existing or new  Postpaid 3G connections. This offer can not be clubbed with any other offer.

But I think these plans are still costlier and should be available at Rs. 150 GB. Most of the bandwidth of 3G is still unused after the launch of the 3G services in India.

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