South and North Blocks on Raisina Hill.

South and North Blocks on Raisina Hill

Finally, The news comes about the official death of that unfortunate young girl on Saturday from an “Offshore Hospital”, the Mount Elizabeth hospital of Singapore.
” The young woman who has been gang raped and beaten savagely on a Delhi bus has died in a Singapore hospital”.
Doctors from Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth hospital where the 23-year-old victim was being treated said she “passed away peacefully” on Saturday morning .
The chief executive Doctor of  Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth hospital where she was being treated said that despite all efforts from a team of eight specialists at the hospital, she suffered from severe organ failure” following the injuries to her body and brain. 
“She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome,” “We are humbled by the privilege of being tasked “to care” for her in her final struggle.”he said.
English: India Gate, Delhi

India Gate, Delhi

And as usual, here in New Delhi our Government is appealing for Calm and Constructive mourning.¹

In anticipation of the outrage, Our System and the Police were bracing for fresh demonstrations after the news break. 

Our System moved quickly to “Close access to India Gate, the pubic parkland in front of the President’s house and cabinet offices on Raisina Hill.²

Our Police once again at its best “Ordered for the shutting down of New Delhi’s lifeline ” the metro trains.³

Candle light vigil outside Safdardarjung Hospital
Candle light vigil in Delhi


The Letters in Red are the hints & the sentences 
marked ¹,² and ³ are for me & you to think, to 
discuss, to comment and to debate or to add & edit 
as per your own investigation or any relevant 
information you are having with you.


Anshu Mala:  Added-

It has been 12 days today to this incident. Why did the government wait for so long to send her to Singapore, if they thought she would get the best treatment over there?

It is all a political game and they had sent a dead body.

If it would have been some politician’s daughter would they have taken so long to get her the best treatment?

Sending her to Singapore was a way to fool people.

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A Shanepedia Compilation

A Shanepedia Compilation

A Shanepedia Compilation

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  1. ozair says:

    We need to rise and build our nation once again..


  2. Reblogged this on whistleblowerone and commented:
    We believe in the culture of..
    See it.. Listen it.. Condemn it..forget it


  3. Babu Casewala says:

    well..i certainly doubt over this statement (in red) of Mount Elizabeth hospitals doctor ““We are humbled by the privilege of being tasked “to care” for her in her final struggle”.

    it is to be understood that, They have been assigned to take care of her..not to treat her .. (bcoz nothing was left of her to be treated)


  4. […] And they have struck a nerve as India institutes new rules to protect women following a series of high-lighted gang rapes. […]


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