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“Crooks and Liars in the Indian media are the greatest danger to our democracy. Bias, outright lies, paid news, plagiarism and political leanings characterize much of our media”.

Fixing Holes & Leaks

Media Crooks

Today the Electronic Media/News group are the most corrupt form of journalism..

Now a days a common man’s opinion about media are like this..

The media is corrupt, and know that it is universal brainwashing of the masses to make them believe whatever it is the powers that be want them to believe. It is the masses that need to wake up and get their news from other source..

The main stream media is such a joke. You can never know what to belive any more. They seem to want to keep the people in the dark about everything or just feed us a bunch of lies hoping we will believe them…
I keep trying to listen to other news sources so as to get a balanced, or an objective idea of what is going on in the world, coz i think.. There is not one…..I repeat NOT ONE that is truly objective and truthful in their work..
Now, I never listen to the news or watch it and I never follow the media because the news/media are all hearsay, and exaggerated, and too negative…

Ok, so we have seen a lot of people ,i wont give their ethnic as i dont want this to turn into a flame war but a lot of people of  think that the media is corrupt. For example they think that our media portraits not the truth but what the government commands them to show or hide.

But WHY..Why people started thinking that media is corrupt ?

Lets say there are a couple of  TV News channels corrupt but how about the others?

Information allows people to scrutinise activity and is the basis for proper, informed debate on that activity. In this context, the contribution demanded by the public to journalists is clear:

Providing the public timely and accurate information on the affairs of government, business and special interests, without any omission or commission,  biased or prejudiced, this way the media can shape the climate of democratic debate and help the establishments and maintenance of good governance.

But despite of serious efforts whats happening over here is clearly visible to public..Stories against stories, stories to raise an image, stories to malign an image..the story list goes on.. apart from these today Corruption exists within the structure of media organisations and in the way journalists carry out their reporting tasks. Many engage in a host of corrupt practices, ranging from ‘chequebook journalism’ to news tailored to suit advertising or commercial needs.

Many Journalists’ condemn such corrupt activities, but the reality of the profession does not mirror its aspirations, especially when journalists resort to accepting payment in order to make ends meet. the practice of freebies is well established. Journalists enjoy free air travel from airlines and hospitality at hotels and then portray glowing Travel Tours. Members of media organisations often expect hotels and meals to be complimentary when they attend press conferences; they even count on sponsors to provide gifts. Such practices have a direct effect on media coverage, While bribes may be small, they can influence the story the journalists or media houses broadcasts.

It is high time The news media industry must scrutinize and examine its actions, motives and beliefs, it must be a deep and painful self-analysis as it tackles an issue that is not openly talked about—corruption in its own ranks.

Hope.. We will find the answer some day.

Fixing Holes & Leaks

Ever since the Delhi Gang rape tragedy and the death of the victim almost everyone is talking about women. Er… let me correct that. Everyone is talking about Indian women. Not good enough; let me correct it again. Everyone is talking about ‘Hindu’ women. There’s only one group of women in India (or Bharat if you like) and that is “Hindu women”. From ‘Karwa Chauth’ to ‘Mangalsutra’ to ‘Clothing’ to ‘Marriage’ the Hindu woman has been analysed every which way. Sheela Bhatt on Rediff even wants us to answer a question: “Are you a 21st century man”? And I’m still checking the boxes in her questionnaire with hope that it doesn’t prove I’m from Jurassic Park. She also suggests the ‘Mangalsutra’ is a symbol of inferior status of Hindu women. Even Swami Vivekananda wasn’t spared for his “masculine pose” being somehow connected with the Gang rape or condition of women in general.
india media compilation

india media compilation (Photo credit:

What was the response of our media to the entire episode?

Well, it started with a report, then covered protests and before long it had predictably turned into a circus. Trust the creativity of our media folks. Even in tragedy our media editors (they have a union too) couldn’t get together and decide on one single ID for the victim. They wouldn’t use her real name since the law prohibits naming a victim. So TOI came up with ‘Nirbhaya’, someone else came up with ‘Braveheart’ and, of course, NDTV came up with the very secular ‘Amanat’. They didn’t stop there. Each one was trying to outdo the other with debates and campaigns. CNN-IBN started with “Stop this shame” and has now shifted to “Agenda for change”. NDTV did a run of old and new “We the Peepli” with previous victims and ran high on emotions. What about TimesNow? They even started searching: “Where is my India”? My naming a few channels doesn’t exempt others who haven’t been named. The people protesting in Delhi came up with a name too: “Damini”. That is from a 1993-movie about bringing rapists to justice. Funnily, Damini is not a “victim” in that movie. Since the incident and till the death of the victim and after, rapes have been reported by the dozen from everywhere. Some as gruesome as the incident in Delhi!

To read further click the link below :

Fixing Holes & Leaks

Posted by Ravinar at 1/08/2013 04:00:00 AM

Media Witch Hunting

Uma Khurana episode

This is a picture of woman being beaten up by a mob as you can plainly see. Her clothes have been torn by the mob as you can plainly see. Her name is Uma Khurana. She was a school teacher till LiveIndia accused her of running a sex-racket with school girls in a fake sting in August 2007. LiveIndia’s editor at that time was none other than Sudhir Chaudhary. The same guy has recently acquired more fame in the Jindal-Zeeextortion sting. The fake sting not only damaged Uma Khurana personally, professionally and socially but also physically. She filed a case against LiveIndia but they may have settled it out of court later.

TV channels don’t seem to learn. Still, a certain form of witch hunting continues on TV.

Posted by Ravinar at 10/30/2012 on media crooks

Media Frenzy

Subject: Delhi gang rape

1. Have you cried and publicly announced it?
2. Have you derided the political insensitivity?
3. Have you said, oh, everyone is talking about Modi and no one cares about the Delhi gang rape?
4. Have you applauded Jaya Bachchan for breaking down in Parliament after insisting she have her say?
5. Have you handed out certificates to the last word on rape to someone who is sitting in a posh office and writing about it, just as I am doing now?
6. Have you signed a petition?
Farzana Warsi

“I have done none of these. There is a half-written piece. And I look around and see the same old riding-the-bandwagon of a media-propped tragedy”.

Look at this ad:

A commercial brand using rape to sell its butter

When will we be a shamed India? Is it all about shame?
A commercial brand using rape to sell its butter is shameful.
Then, there is this comment at a petition site under ‘Reasons for signing’ (It has got 170 ‘likes’):

Reasons for signing

“I guess until some big politician’s wife and or daughter is raped, Indian politicians won’t wake up”- B Suri, India
Does anyone realise how regressive it is? You talk about protecting women and allude to the rape of other women. How is a politician’s wife or daughter to be blamed for laws and the acts of criminals?
Jaya Bachchan too touted the regressive “In the land where woman is worshipped” line, giving the example of goddess Durga. Her tears became national news.
A 23-year-old fighting for her life is a ‘subject’. This is not one case. If we must speak, then speak at every opportunity we get. Speak before it becomes a TRP rating. It does not mean one should not speak about it. Just let’s not get into a race to reach some goalpost.
To Read further click the links : Farzana Versey’s blog



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    Electronic Media (Television News Channels) is the most corrupt form of journalism


  2. Daniel says:

    Actually a bigger scam is happening in
    media than anywehre else. It is about making
    opinion of nation rather than reporting news.


  3. Shahnawaz says:

    Now a days it Looks like the only NEWS is
    reported in DD National and others tend to do the work of lobbying and fulfilling political motives of their pay masters.


  4. Shahnawaz says:

    Now a days it Looks like the only NEWS is
    reported in DD National and others tend to do the work of lobbying and fulfilling political motives of their pay masters (the Clients).


  5. dinbandhu dinanath says:

    Few years ago I was a news buff and self
    proclaimed TOI fan (it was 90s). But over the
    last decade, started feeling that TV news is
    nothing but propoganda channels of either
    business houses or political parties (or how
    else they are operational with 3rd rate advt.,
    who is paying the fat salaries).


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    Indian Media knows they are catering to a third world population.


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