Three blasts were confirmed by the agencies in the terror attack that took place on 21 Feb 2013 in the South Indian city Hyderabad, India- At least 18 killed, 78 injured, The first explosion happened at 7:01 pm, the second five minutes later at 7:06 pm and the third a little later..Both blasts took place within a radius of 150 metres. The impact of the blasts was such that the death toll could rise.

Blast Spot Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, India

February 22 2013, Area-Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.

Hyderabad, India- At least 18 killed, 78 injured, The first explosion happened at 7:01 pm, the second five minutes later at 7:06 pm and the third a little later..Both blasts took place within a radius of 150 meters. The intensity of the blasts was such that the death toll could rise.

Hyderabad blasts:

36 Hours after triple bombs exploded in a crowded area of Hyderabad, killing 18 and injuring nearly 78, police were still struggling to secure any solid proof and clues to announce the actual status of the ongoing investigation. Police have not yet detained anyone in connection with Thursday evening’s attacks which could help identify the shadow behind the terror strike, which is the first major terror bombings in India since 2011.

Huge gathering at the area of blast

On Friday morning, Indian police with cameras, gloves and plastic evidence bags used pointers to gingerly look through the debris in Hyderabad. Officials from the National Investigation Agency and commandos of the National Security Guards arrived from New Delhi to help with the investigation.

Although the officials are claiming that police had obtained many clues but the reality is that “Cyberabad Police Commissioner D. Tirumala Rao asked people for information about a young man seen in the area before the bombs went off: “If you have seen a youth carrying something and parking a scooter or a cycle under suspicious circumstances, provide the information to police,” he said.

Police also announced rewards for anyone providing information about the suspects seen in Dilsukhnagar where the evening rush hour bombings took place.

The blasts took place within five minutes of each other just after 7 pm. The bombs were placed on bicycles near two cinemas and a bus stand.

Believe it or not.. Now a days Indian police Force is totally dependent on technological leads to unearth crimes whether small or of this magnitude.. they can’t be able to do anything unless they find some Security cameras or Close circuit TV that would have picked up some clues.. or if Mobile calls and tracking would provide some inputs for them.

And they were looking for the same but alas “the investigators were shocked to find that the Closed Circuit Television Cameras, installed in the area, were snapped ahead of the deadly operation. The NIA investigators, during the course of their investigations, found that the CCTv cameras were made non-operational by snapping the wires a few days ahead of the blasts.

Ironically, the local authorities did not bother to ensure restoration of power connection to the cameras. As a result, not only surveillance of the area was compromised, but the investigators now fail to get footage that would have been crucial to zero in on the perpetrators.

Here the police will be held totally liable for its inefficiency, ineffectiveness, negligence of duty and lack of interest etc..


Ans- Despite of knowing their productivity,capabilities and their dependence on technological inputs like CCTV, Mobiles and Sim cards  to solve any case big or small they must have a strict routine to keep checking the functioning of these devices and security of these things from any manipulation and theft.

Even Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said intelligence alerts about a possible terror attack had been received and shared with state governments over the last 48 hours, but the police said there was no specific information.

What specific information they need.. ? Is it like the job description :

— Area- Dilsukhnagar

–City- Hyderabad

–Time- 19:00 Hrs (+-100 mins.)

–Day- Thursday 21 Feb (+- 1 day)

–Bombs- 3 numbers

okay.. then, we have to request the terrorist groups to do this types of operations in official ways, at least we can ask them to make it a  point to drop a mail next time.

Blast Site in Red Circle Hyderabad, INDIA

Blast Site in Red Circle Hyderabad, INDIA

Police intelligence has miserably failed in Hyderabad, the hospitals in the city lack facilities to deal with the sudden influx of injured. . Whatever is coming out is purely on speculations by the police, the intelligence and the political leaders. Many hours after the blast, a senior police officer admits that they “are still shooting in the dark”.

“The blasts triggered by IED tied to two bicycles at two sites 100 metres apart and some traces of Ammonium Nitrate were also found from the two spots,” police said.
 The blasts triggered by IEDs took place outside a roadside eatery near Konark and Venkatadiri theatres in the area located on the Hyderabad-Vijaywada national highway in Cyberabad police limits.

Earlier, a pall of gloom descended on the otherwise busy Dilsukhnagar Road while heart rending scenes were witnessed at hospitals…There was palpable tension in Dilsukhnagar where VIPs made a beeline while thousands gathered out of curiosity.

Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde flew to Hyderabad early Friday and Ghulam Nabi Azad, union ministers S. Jaipal Reddy, K. Chiranjeevi and Sarve Satyanarayana, BJP president Rajnath Singh, former Andhra Pradesh chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen leader Asaduddin Owaisi visited the blast site and hospitals.

Hundreds of people, mostly BJP and ABVP activists, gathered at the blast sites and raised slogans against terrorists and Pakistan.

Police had a tough time in controlling the crowds. Though police did not impose any restrictions on traffic, only few vehicles were on the roads.

Most shops and business establishments on the road was closed.

Elsewhere in the city, the shutdown called by the BJP evoked a partial response. There was no impact on Cyberabad, the IT district that houses IT giants like Microsoft and Google.

Most schools and colleges were shut. Most shops and businesses were open. BJP activists went around the city asking shopkeepers to down shutters.

Barricades were erected in Begumpet leading to the US Consulate in the heart of the city.


In case of any clues and proof found by anyone please pass on the same to below given contacts..


1 Dy. Commissioner of Police, Crimes 27853414 27852931 9490617204
2 ACP Crimes 27853936 27853936 9490617109
3 CCRB 27853401 9490617292
4 CCS Balanagar 27853936 9490617265
5 CCS Rajendrader 9490617294
6 CCS Saroornagar 9490617162
7 CCS Malkajgiri 27853941 27853942 9490617290

In case of emergency contact directly to the commissioner’s office



SI.No. Name of the Unit Office
Phone Numbers
Fax No Mobile Number e-mail
1 Commissioner of Police 27853400 94906-17200
2 Jt. Commissioner of Police 27853928 27853735 9490617222
3 Addl. Dy. Commissioner of Police (Admin) 27853424 94906-17206
4 Special Branch 27853413 27853411 94906-17333
5 Foreigners/Passport Branch 27853413 27853411 94906-17429
6 Police Control Room 23437969
7 Telephone Board 27853402




1. M.A.A.Khan Inspector: 9490157575 – 23261166 – 27852437

2. C.M. Chowdary Inspector: 9490616338 – 23261166 -27852333- 27852437

3. S.Narayana SI:  9347515126

4. Syed.Mohiuddin: SI: 9297302487

5. Shamshuddin SI: 9885632966

6. P.Manikyam SI: 9490616017

7. Y.N.Ramakrishna SI: 9391954465

8. Sd.Faiyaz Ali SI: 9490616725

9. Dial 100 Control Room: 27852435- 27852436, 27852043




04027854771  and


Dhanalaxmi Ambulance Services

+91 9391351543

+91 9963857749

+91 9440379926

> City Helpline

Apollo Ambulance 1066
CDR 23456789
Free Service Ambulance 102
Gandhi Hospital 27505566
Government Chest Hospital 23814421/22/23/24
Government ENT Hospital 24740245/24742329
LionClub Blood Bank 24745243
Medwin Blood Bank 23202902/4616
Image Hospital (Madhapur) 23116666
Yashoda Hospital (Somajiguda) 23319999
Yashoda Hospital (Secunderabad) 27713333

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