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  1. shane says:

    There is one more Principal Advocate of Cashless Economy ..Who is not a Global Banker but a Public Representative of India itself.. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi..

    Your PM wants to make you Cashless.. What a pity !


  2. shane says:

    Need to realize..
    A big population of India is already Cashless.. Why your PM is so anxious to make them all Cashless.


  3. nalini ay says:

    Now it’s very much clear ..
    Our PM is playing in the hands of Global Bankers.. And the same is the cause of his so much inclination towards America.


  4. Shahnawaz says:

    Indians should never support cashless economy if they want to remain Independent & Empowered and don’t want to be modern world’s cashless colony.

    Cashless Economy is a big conspiracy to robbed the Masses and make them actually cash less.


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