Remote-Controlled Android Cams

Rover Spy Tank

The Rover Spy Tank Dares to Go Where You Don’t

While mini droids designed to spy on terrorists are common for the army or any other covert operative organization, it’s not exactly common for the household — until the Rover Spy Tank arrived.

Rover Spy Tank

The Rover Spy Tank is a miniature iPhone/iPad-controlled robot that will roll around to your command while spying on a cheating better half or a shady co-worker. This can transmit audio and video in real time and is equipped with a microphone. The best part? The Rover Spy Tank actually has night vision capabilities, which means no one is safe from whoever is spying on them.

It can also generate its own Wi-Fi connection for the smartphone and the wireless range lets it travel up to 200 feet. It’s a pretty useful item if you want to get some dirt on someone.


Mini USB Photography

Thumbdrives Camera

Canon Camera Thumbdrives Make Images All the More Accessible

Modern society has gotten used to the ease of sharing information and images, and these Canon Camera Thumbdrives will make the process much more effortless than digging around for your USB cables and cursing your laptop’s lack of a card reader.

by Canon

Designed by Paradox One, the miniature point and shoot, the digital SLR and the video camera are modeled on the Canon Digital IXUS, the Canon EOS 5D and the Canon LEGRIA, respectively. Each has essentially been scaled down for the ease of direct computer connection, but sadly, it seems that these devices do not actually snap photos and films.

Having said that, the three photographic flash drives provide the perfect means to store and share media files. Designed with the utmost detail, Canon Camera Thumbdrives look as if they could be the real thing.

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A Shanepedia Compilation

A Shanepedia Compilation

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