Text Recovery Gadgets

iPhone Spy Stick

The iPhone Spy Stick is the Holy Grail of Monitoring

The iPhone Spy Stick is the holy grail of monitoring. This gadget will recover deleted data from iPhones including pictures, contacts, text messages, GPS locations, web history and voice memos. This professional-grade forensics tool looks like a typical USB flash drive — so you can save your tracks as well.

If you’re looking to get more info on your children or cheating spouse, there’s no better way than the iPhone Spy Stick.

Implications – In the midst of all the recent technological advancements, consumers still seek extra features in their products. As technology advances, so does consumer demand for better, faster products. An easy way for a company to keep up is to integrate more than one function into their pieces, as consumers will see this as an advancement in itself.

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Self-Destructing Flash Drives

Fujitsu Tamatebako


The Fujitsu Tamatebako is USB Drive that Takes Cues from James Bond

The Fujitsu Tamatebako is a pretty incredible new USB flash drive. The idea behind the flash drive is to self-destruct if the drive contains important information that gets into the wrong hands. The concept was first announced last year and is finally ready to hit stores (firstly in Japan spy shops, of course).

The Fujitsu Tamatebako doesn’t actually blowup, however it does erase all the files on the flash drive to ensure maximum privacy. The Fujitsu Tamatebako USB flash drive is definitely James Bond-inspired and the ideal tech device for those working on top secret world-conquering missions.


Battery-Charging USB’s

Power and Memory

The Technocel Battery Boost Provides On-the-Spot Power and Memory

you constantly find yourself lugging around chargers for your iPod and cell phone, then you need to check out the Technocel Battery Boost. The Battery Boost is essentially a mobile power shot that can provide extra energy when your gadget is on its last legs.

The Technocel Battery Boost can give phones up to an extra hour of talk time. It is charged by plugging it into any standard USB port, and it can even hold some memory in its Micro SD slot. Sounds like the full package to me. Check out the links to your left to learn more.

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