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Cordies – Keep Cables On The Table

Cable holder

Cordies is new and improved! It’s been redesigned classic cable organization product to make it cleaner and more compact.

Cordies keeps all of your cables organized and weighted down: phone chargers, digital camera cords, audio cables… whatever isn’t in use but shouldn’t be flopping around.

– Five rubber grips with four slots, each of which can hold the ends of several cords
– Weighted base for stability
– Small footprint (fits even the most cluttered workspaces)
– Tight grip keeps smaller cables USB and headphone cords in line

2.75in x 1.57in x 1.46in
(70mm x 40mm x 37mm)

> Cordies Executive – Keep It All On The Table

Cordies Executive – Keep It All On The Table

Quirky  took Cordies another step further and made the executive version that matches the modern aesthetic. Cordies Executive is made of sleek metal with black accents.

Our classic cable organization product now in a class of its own. It keeps all of your cables and devices organized and weighted down: phones, e-readers, chargers, cords, cables… whatever isn’t in use but shouldn’t be flopping around.

– Various slots accommodate accessories like smartphones, e-readers and notebooks, and keep cables from sliding off the table
– Weighted aluminum base for stability
– Varied grip widths keeps cables, cords and devices in line

7.65″ length x 2.45″ height x 3.50″ width

> Travelstacks – Pack ’em, Stack ’em & Go

stackable plastic containers

Travelstacks is a set of two stackable plastic containers that wrap around your car’s cup holder. Use Travelstacks to store your day’s fill of snacks, or as additional car storage for your phone, keys, parking meter change, and loose ends.

– The Travelstacks’ plastic base fits most standard car cup holders.
– To access the container’s contents, simply rotate the container 360 degrees. When not in use, all containers gently snap into a single vertical alignment.
– Customize Travelstacks for your needs. Use both trays at once, or just use one.
– Color: black/grey

– Diameter: 3.25″
– Height within cup holder: 2.19″
– Total height: 5.25″
– Length: 5.9″
– Width: 3.46″

> Pen Zen – The Art of Organization

storage unit for pens

Pen Zen is an elegantly designed storage unit for pens, pencils, highlighters, and other office supplies. Pen Zen’s sleek form and functional supply holders make it easy to master the art of organization.

Position your Pen Zen horizontally with the items extending out of the top, or stand it upright with the items extending out of the ends. It’s your call — choose the arrangement that suits you best!

Hidden magnets below the bamboo surface hold paper clips and other small magnetic items.


– Rubber extrusions that act as magic fingers to hold your items in place.

– Bamboo exterior makes for an appealing addition to your desktop decor.

– Hidden magnets for extra storage of small magnetic items.

With Pen Zen, your desk clutter can finally find inner peace.

7.25in x 2.5in x 2.0in.

> Fader Highliter

Fades Without A Trace

Fades Without A Trace

The average college student will spend $1,168 on textbooks over the course of four years of schooling. Selling back your books is a great way to recoup your cash, but it’s hard to keep them looking mint. Fader is a highlighter with ink that fades completely after five months. Feel free to mark up your books with Fader, ace your exams, and return them to the university bookstore for a sweet payday. It’ll be the highlight of your semester!

– Highlights with ink that fades completely over time
– Classic yellow ink
– Flip-up lid

– Plastic body and lid
– Brushed metal clip

– 150mm h x 17.25mm w x 13mm d

> Pivot Power – A Creative Outlet

A Creative Outlet

Pivotable Surge Protection

Reclaim your outlets with Pivot Power, an adjustable power strip that holds large adapters in EVERYoutlet!

Six adjustable outlets. Finally, every plug fits into every outlet.

672 Joules of rock-solid protection.

Pivots around furniture & hard to reach places.

ETL/INTERTEK Tested: Control #4002869

Conforms to UL Std No 1363
Certified to CSA std C22.2 No 21

Patent: US 8,262,399

The Pivot Power is approved for use in the United States and Canada. Future versions are planned for a wider international release. No timeframe has been set.

> Scribe – Study Where You Sleep

modular desk for bed

Work smarter, not harder. Scribe is a modular desk for your bed that hangs when it’s not in use. Sleek features that hold your books and keep pens from rolling out of reach help you stay organized, while the unique hanging function keeps everything close at hand. College just got a little easier!


-Designed to hang securely on standard dorm room bed frames
-Two work surfaces to alternate writing and working on a laptop
-Convenient carrying handle
-Five elastic loops for pens and pencils (three on each side)
-Two elastic straps to hold a laptop, books or binders safely

-16″ width x 13″ height x 3.5″ depth

-Satin finish plastic body
-Nylon elastic holding straps and handle


Disposable Data Stashers

GIGS-2-GO Drives

GIGS-2-GO Flash Drives Employ Convenient Tear and Share Technology

These cutting-edge GIGS-2-GO flash drives seem to mark the moment when hi-tech becomes low-tech. Thumbdrives used to be regarded as such compact and clever gadgets that could store impressive volumes of data for easy transferal; here they are, proposed as disposable devices that encourage casual and liberal use.

The BOLTgroup and Kurt Rampton have actually come up with a very intelligent idea with this, suggesting the manufacturing of USB sticks in 100% post-consumer molded paper pulp. They would be produced in sets of four and contained within the convenient dimensions of a credit card.

You can easily rip off one 1GB key at a time, use it, label it and give it away. GIGS-2-GO USB drives embody an innovative overlap of accessible physical and digital technology.

More to come…

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A Shanepedia Compilation

A Shanepedia Compilation

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