A Guide On Google Plus Photos
First of all I like to take a moment to welcome all the new Google Plus users.
I realize many are having problems understanding the platform to use Creative Kit and Photos feature in general. So I decided to make a Guide for those who need the help:

Creative Kit Guide

This will help Picnik users who are trying Creative Kit for the first time.
Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1: Click the Photos tab on the top
2: Choose the red “Upload New Photos” button
3: Enter an album name or choose an existing album.
4: After uploading, choose the blue “Create album” button
5: Once uploaded, to keep the photos PRIVATE, you can then share the album to yourself. Your photos are now uploaded and ready to be edited
6: Click on the photo you want to edit to open it in the lightbox.
7: Choose Creative Kit from the top left menu.
8: Your photo will open in Creative Kit and you can begin editing.
9: When you are finished editing, click the blue Save button in the top right corner.
10: You can choose to replace your original or to save a new copy. Keep in mind that if you replace the original, you won’t be able to revert to your original afterwards, although your original will still be on your computer.
11: Your updated photo is now in the your album. Click the Options link underneath the photo and choose “Download Full size” to download the edited version to your computer.

Edit your photos

Easily edit and personalize photos from your albums using the steps below:

  1. Open the photo you’d like to edit in lightbox view.
  2. Use the buttons above the image to rotate Left or Right or to turn on Auto-fix. To undo Auto-fix, click the feature again to turn it off.
  3. For additional Basic Edits or to add Effects or Text, use the Creative Kit.
    If you change the dimensions of your photo, existing name tags may be deleted. Learn more about adding name tags to your photos.
  4. After editing, Save your image. You’ll be prompted to Replace the image or Save a new copy to the album.
    If you Replace, the edited image will appear where you’ve shared the original. This action can’t be undone and you won’t be able to restore your original image.


Add and share photos

It's full of stars

It’s full of stars

There are several ways to add photos and videos to your albums in Google+ and share them with the people who care about them. In Google+ you get unlimited photo and video uploads.

Create a new photo post from the share box

  1. Click the share box on your Home page or in the Google bar.
  2. Click the  camera icon in the share box.
  3. Add photos to your post one of the following ways:
    • Add Photos allows you to upload photos directly from your computer. Photos uploaded here will be added automatically to your “Photos from posts” album. Click Edit photos and hover your cursor over the photo to view rotation options  , to edit using the Creative Kit , or to add captions.
    • Create an album – Drag and drop or Select photos from your computer. Hover your cursor over a photo to view rotation options  , to edit using the Creative Kit , or to add captions. Change the album name, if you’d like. Click Create album.
    • Select From your phone, choose photos to upload and click Add photos to post.
    • If you’ve opted into Google Drive, select From Google Drive, click the photos you’d like to upload, and click the Select button. Click Edit photos and hover your cursor over the photo to view rotation options  , to edit using the Creative Kit , or to add captions.
  4. Add text, circles or people to share with, then click Share.
Add photos from your  Photos page with the Upload new photos button.

When you upload photos and videos and share them in Google+, you create a post. The people you share the post with are given access to the album you shared. Share albums you have already created by clicking the Share album button when you open the album. Here are a few other ways to share your photos and videos:

Share photos from your phone

You can find and share photos you’ve uploaded with Instant Upload in the Photos from your phone tab of your photos page. You can also share photos directly from your phone:

Share individual photos in the lightbox view

You’ll see a Share button for individual photos when you open them in the lightbox

 view. When you share with this button, you create a post for the individual photo and give the people you share with access to just that photo.

Who can see your albums

When you upload your photos and videos, who you share with will determine album visibility:

  • Public: Anyone on the web can view your album. Public albums can be found in web search results, on the Photos tab of your Google profile, and in Google+.
  • Extended circles: Your extended circles are the people in your circles as well as anyone in their circles.
  • Limited: Limited albums are visible only to the people the album has been shared with.
  • Only you: The highest level of privacy, visible only to you. Changing an album to ‘Only you’ will cut off album access for everyone else.
If you change an album’s visibility to share with a more limited group, such as public to limited, all posts and comments related to that album will be deleted.

Who can see who else my album is shared with?

You may have noticed that when someone posts something on your Home page, you can see who it was shared with. Similarly, visitors to your albums can see the visibility of an album under the title, and click on the visibility for more information about who the album is shared with.

If the album visibility is limited, a click on Limited will show the profile photos of up to 21 other people who can also see that album as well as the total number of people who can see it. If you hover over a photo, you’ll see that person’s name and can click over to their profile, or add them to a circle.

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