The Baphomet, adopted symbol of some Left-Hand...

The Baphomet, adopted symbol of some Left-Hand Path systems, including Theistic Satanism.




A satanist is someone who regards Satan, also known as the devil or Lucifer, as their God. They might believe in a traditional Christian God, but chose to worship Satan or they could believe that Satan is the only God.

Particularly after the European Enlightenment, some works, such as Paradise Lost, were taken up by Romantics and described as presenting the biblical Satan as an allegory representing a crisis of faith, individualism, free will, wisdom and enlightenment. Those works actually featuring Satan as a heroic character are fewer in number, but do exist;
George Bernard Shaw, and Mark Twain (cf. Letters from the Earth) included such characterizations in their works long before religious Satanists took up the pen. From then on, Satan and Satanism started to gain a new meaning outside of Christianity.

Satanist groups that appeared after the 1960s are widely diverse, but two major trends are Theistic Satanism and Atheistic Satanism. Theistic Satanists venerate Satan as a supernatural deity. In contrast, Atheistic Satanists consider themselves atheists, agnostics, ignostics or apatheists and regard Satan as merely symbolic of certain human traits.
This categorization of Satanism (which could be categorized in other ways, for example "Traditional" versus "Modern"), is not necessarily adopted by Satanists themselves, who usually do not specify which type of Satanism they adhere to.

Some Satanists believe in a god in the sense of a Prime Mover but, like Atheistic Satanists, do not worship it, due tothe deist belief that a god plays no part in mortal lives.
Sons of Satan Praise the Lord

Sons of Satan Praise the Lord


There are several possible answers. I hope some of these give you something to think about..

In the Quran and  Bible God tells us that Satan can appear as an “Angel of light” and I truly believe that he has come to many of you (who claim Satanism as good) as someone who is good and pure.

After reading a lot of the articles and comments I did some research on Satanism and its laws, and yes, the laws don’t stand for anything bad, but this is exactly what Satan wants. Satan is the father of lies and will do anything to stop you from following the Truth, the one and only God, also Lord Jesus Christ. God tells us to be vigilant of this and look out for it. So Guys please don’t fall into Satan’s traps… God is all that is good and only through him and no other can we be saved. Trust me, once you get to know your Satan for REAL, you wont be so keen on him anymore. Down here on earth Satan will give you whatever you ask for, and maybe when you pray to god he won’t, but blessed be the man who has faith in our Lord. This is Satan’s earth, and God tells us so, he has control over earth and has a lot of power. Don’t fall for his lies! That’s all he wants! God loves you so much, and it hurts him to see you falling into Satan’s traps.

1) God based religions as they see them don’t meet their spiritual needs. They feel that the church they grew up in doesn’t speak to them on a personal level or the church and/or congregation would reject them if they knew their true feelings, beliefs or actions.

2) Many people, especially young people, rebel against authority as a way of declaring independence. Religion is a major force in many communities and an easy target to rebel against. Heavy Metal music has used devil symbols for decades just because it pisses certain kinds of people off.

3) Some people are enthralled with the hidden and the mysterious. They seek out the rare and unusual to be part of an exclusive club that others cannot be part of. This gives them a feeling of superiority. But it sometimes lead people down odd roads. Like the “devil worshipers” who worship the fictitious otherworldly things in the horror works of authors like H.P. Lovecraft.

4) Don’t confuse Pagan and other non-christian beliefs with devil worship. Many pagans use terms for themselves like “witch” that some Christians auto-matically associate with the devil. Some pagan symbols include horned figures and pentagrams. These symbols hold completely different meanings to Pagans. Historically, mainstream religions have deliberately misrepresented these symbols in order to discredit pagan faiths. Many pagan or earth/ nature based faiths don’t even have a concept like the devil. You need to study what they believe before jumping to a conclusion about them.

5) The Church of Satan, started in the 1960’s by Anton LeVey, is actually an Atheist group. They do not believe in the existence of any god or devil. Satan to them is a symbol and they do not worship him. They believe that the rituals found in religion are a powerful and
important part of human existence and they have created their own rituals using the story of Lucifer’s turning away from God as a metaphor for mans true purpose – to lead a life that pleases the individual, a “selfish” life.

The Church of Satan is a philosophy of life with rituals designed to promote the idea that you should guide your life as you see fit. However, it is apparent from their literature that the Church of Satan is very Anti-God and Christ and many of their rituals seem designed to be the exact opposite of traditional Christian practices, but they do not “worship” Satan in any sense the way Christians, Jews and Islamist worship their Gods.


Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan us...

Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan used the phrase as part of public rituals

Satanism is unlike mainstream religions. Those who open their minds to Satan *will* experience him. Unfortunately, Christianity and its cohorts have given people the impression that the spirit/astral world is nothing but bunk. Little or nothing ever happens spiritually with these religions. Their anti-life doctrines are all based upon stolen material  from religions that preceded them. This material was hideously corrupted, with all of the spiritual knowledge being removed from it, and twisted to conform to their agenda to spiritually enslave the world; keeping spiritual knowledge and power in the hands of a few.

Satanism is very different. Satanism is in fact, humanity’s ORIGINAL RELIGION.  Satanism is based upon the ancient religions that predated Judaism and Christianity from hundreds to thousands of years.
Satanism also differs from other modern day religions in that Satanism is based upon science. Everything of the occult can be explained scientifically. Unfortunately, Judeo/Christianity has held humanity back dangerously in the areas of science, technology, understanding of the occult, and knowledge of the soul. Unbeknownst to many, Christianity has always been and is nothing more than a tool used to remove knowledge, especially spiritual knowledge. Our limited understanding of Quantum Physics has revealed a bit about the human soul.

The Largest movement of modern Satanists began in the 1960's in the United States, led by Anton Szandor LaVey, a shrewd, intelligent man with a charismatic persona and an imposing appearance. LaVey founded the church of Satan in San Francisco in 1966, the activities of which became the object of great media attention.
The Church of Satan organized into grottoes. A reversed pentacle containing a goats head, called the baphomet, was chosen as the symbol. LaVey used Enochian as the magical language for rituals and espoused the Enochian keys used by Crowley.

“Kirlian Photography”  reveals the fact that we have an aura. Kirlian photography is a specialized form of photography, along the same lines as x-ray imaging.

Kirlian photo of two coins

Kirlian photo of two coins

Satanism is a religion of the mind and the soul. The U.S. Government and other world powers are well aware of this ability within humans and the reality of psychic warfare, though they keep much of this from the public. (References are at the bottom of this page).

Regardless of what you may have been taught to believe or what you are convinced is irrational and nonsensical; Satan and his Demons are VERY REAL. They are not “evil” as the Christian Church has depicted them to be. In truth, Satan does not conform to the Christian or Western concept of “evil.” “Good” and “evil” are nothing more than cultural concepts; Satan transcends this.
If you are inexperienced, bear this in mind. Regardless of the formal education you might have obtained, put aside everything you have been taught and proceed with respect. People who are serious and respectful are given the same in kind from Satan and his Demons.

Those who are out for laughs and kicks are inviting disaster. Satanism is also very different from other religions in that once you open a door to him in your mind, it will be permanent. Satanism is analogous to a one-way street where you can only go foreward; there is no turning back. I am not addressing those of you who are here for research or scholastic purposes. One must perform rituals and/or intentionally act in some way to invite Satan and/or his Demons into one’s life. Satan DOES NOT push himself on anyone.


So first off you think Satan is EVIL?

Wrong.. Satan is not Evil.

-“Satan has nothing to do with killing, pain,death and suffering. You clearly have not looked into satanism. Satan caused suffering in the human race? How many people have died in the name of christianity? Can you tell me? I think close to a couple million? Thats quite a bit. Now you see as soon as something bad happens christians will auto-maticaly point to satan, and when there is good they point to
god. Sorta like satan is god’s scapegoat for being malevolant? I will quote an athiest on this, I forget who it was that said this. “If god is willing but not able, does that not make him powerless? And if god is willing but not wanting, does that not make him malevolant?”. Evil? I think its safe to say christianity has cuased more pain and suffering in this world than any other religion. And thats based on fact. Look into satanism before you decide to judge it and speak about it in such an awful way. Do not call it evil, And do not say that satanists stand beside something evil and call it good. BECUASE SATANISTS DONT. You really are oblivious as to what satan is arent you? Read a book. Stop listening to the man in the collar and open your mind”.

-” Satanists don’t believe in Satan, because then they would have to acknowledge the presence of God, whom they also do not believe in. They use the figure of Satan as sort of a mascot, to symbolize the duality of good and evil that exists within all people”.

–  “The reason people choose to worship satan is because he represent doing whats natural for you as a human being so why not do it why would you follow a religion that completely denies your human insticts and they are so hypocrical what is wrong with indulging in your desires it does not say any thing about doing some thing bad.”

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