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Nostradamus is the most famous for the 2012 Prophecies he made, predictions that showed disaster, doomsday and mayhem in 2012. Nostradamus was a seer using scrying techniques back in the mid 1500’s. His book Les Propheties (The Prophecies) was published first in 1555. May people believe the Nostradamas predictions and prophecies are false, but many believe they are true, and will point to evidence of their fulfillment in times that have passed recently. Nostradamas made an estimated 6,338 prophecies and predictions.
About Nostradamus:

Nostradamus was born into a rich Jewish / Catholic family in St. Remi, France in the winter of December 14, 1503.

Many people suspect that he continued to practice Catholicism throughout his life, however he was fascinated with his Jewish heritage and even learned Hebrew.

Nostradamus was not only a prophet, he was a medical doctor at the most urgent of times. Nostradamus received his Medical degree from the Mont Pellier School of Medicine.

During the black plague of Europe. His unconventional approach to treatment was almost unheard of at the time, however now it would be common practice.
To wash and clean yourself to keep the germs away. At the time doctors used to “bleed” the sick to release the germs.

Though he was known as very good doctor, he was unable to save his children and his wife from the plague.
Nostradamus was also an excellent businessman. The sales of his book were substantial, even at a time when most people could not read.
He was also a poet, something that most people overlook.

In 1555, at the age of 52, he wrote his first collection of prophecies.
These are what Nostradamus was most famous for.
The Book of Nostradamus is organized with a very simple layout. Each of the 10 centuries (or chapters) contain 100 prophetic quatrains (a 4 line poem that is also a prediction), except for Century VII, which has 42 quatrains, for a total of 942 prophecies.

The Complete Book of Nostradamus is located at the Nostradamus Mabus Project
Nostradamus 2012 Predictions, Prophecies, Prophecy
Nostradamus went on to release a few more books concerning 2012 and other predictions. (Actually 2012 was never mentioned in his prophecy, his prophecies were not dated at all. They were only indicative of the future that no one knew the date). Nostradamus’ end of the world prophecies were supposedly based on the bible code that he was studying. Not many people believed in his end of the world prophecies at that time because the end of the world didn’t seem near at all. However, today Nostradamus’ end of the world predictions have a larger audience than ever.
The bible code is supposedly a hidden message within the text of the bible. It is also known as the torah code. When messages and text are decoded in a specific way, the ELS method (Equidistant Letter Sequence), new messages emerge foretelling prophetic events that will come to pass. This is different than revelations, which is more basic and direct. The bible code is a form of encryption, supposedly. Many people criticize the ideas behind the bible code, but others believe that it is a gift that is encoded in the bible.
Nostradamus Quatrains 
Nostradamus was tormented by what he saw. It was not something he enjoyed seeing about the future. Many people believe he was seeing what is depicted in the 2012 Bible Code and that his quatrains are indicative of such. Quatrains are stanzas, or poems, and Nostradamus wrote many of his predictions in quatrains. He wrote approximately 1000 quatrains. Quatrains were an accepted form of writing back in the days Nostradamus released his book about his predictions about the future.
Nostradamus’ MABUS
Nostradamus tells us in many quatrains that three “Antichrists” will come and trigger great wars and suffering for mankind. Nostradamus names the first antichrist as Napolean, the second as Hitler and the third antichrist as MABUS, the name for an Arabic Terrorist who will use a nuclear weapon against the west.
Nostradamus’ Mabus Project
Nostradamus’ Mabus is a project that has been launched to try to pinpoint who the antichrist will be. Some think it is Obama, some think it is someone from the royal family in London, some think it is the pope, and some people think that MABUS is the actual name of the antichrist. many believe that Mabus is who triggers world war three (world war 3, world war iii, ww3) and some believe that Mabus won’t even emerge until world war three has already started. Most believe that Nostradamus predictions embody the event that world war three starts, since the destructions and mayhem are similar to what would happen if world war three starts. Some people thought that Saddam Hussein was the antichrist because when you hold his name up to a mirror and it appears backwards, it reads “mabbas” which had quite a few people twirling on the idea that Saddam Hussein was the antichrist. However, since he is not alive anymore, that dashes that idea!Three Antichrist Figures According to NostradamusIt is actually said that Nostradamus saw a total of three anti christ figures, and that the anti christ energy was not necessarily embodied in only one entity. Everyone wonders who the anti christ is but this throws a monkey wrench into the situation. It is possible that two have already come and gone already though. Some believe that his quatrains refer to Napoleon Bonaparte as the first of the anti christ figures, and Adolph Hitler as the second of the anti christ figures. It is yet to be seen who will be the third. Interestingly enough, it is said that the third anti christ will actually die in a war that he instigates, where three eastern kings will war against other nations, world war 3.
The Centuries (The Book of Nostradamus)

The Centuries,  is written in a very interesting way. It’s not a clear cut writing, but rather it’s a cryptic jumble of French and Latin as well as references to areas using their biblical or even pre-biblical names.

No one currently walking the earth has ever met Nostradamus, so there is no possible way they could really know 100% what those quatrains actually mean. It’s all our best try however to publish the book online, and use our collective intelligence to figure them out.

There are thousands upon thousands of rumors surrounding Nostradamus.

If you have a question regarding it, I would suggest you post a message regarding it. The chances are it would be answered in a matter of hours.

Disclaimer, No One Really Knows!
The Nostradamus Mabus Project does not try to interpret the quatrains. Though members (and even the founder sure do try).
The official stance of the Nostradamus Mabus Project is that there are no experts.

If you read the book of Nostradamus, The same book that the Nostradamus Mabus Project has posted online for free and use historical references to try to figure out what they mean, you instantly become a “Nostradamus Expert”.
The Nostradamus Mabus Project has also included a forum where everyone can discuss what they understand from the quatrains. In actuality, it’s the closest you will ever get to fully understanding what he wrote since it is filled with people that have read the book and many consider them very well versed in the Book of Nostradamus.

I hope you have found this helpful.

The Prophecy
>>Century X<<
  1. To the enemy, the enemy faith

promised Will not be kept, the captives retained:
One near death captured, and the remainder in their shirts,
The remainder damned for being

  1. The ship’s veil will hide the sail

The great fleet will come the lesser one to go out:
Ten ships near will turn to drive it back,
The great one conquered the united ones to join to itself.

  1. After that five will not put out the flock,

A fugitive for Penelon he will turn loose:
To murmur falsely then help to
The chief will then abandon the

  1. At midnight the leader of the army Will save himself, suddenly

Seven years later his reputation
To his return they will never say

  1. Albi and Castres will form a new league,

Nine Arians Lisbon and the
Carcassonne and Toulouse will end their intrigue,
When the chief new monster from the Lauraguais.

  1. The Gardon will flood N?s so high

That they will believe Deucalion
Into the colossus the greater part
will flee,
Vesta tomb fire to appear

  1. The great conflict that they are

preparing for Nancy,
The Macedonian will say I subjugate all:
The British Isle in anxiety over wine and salt,
“Hem. mi.” Philip two Metz will not hold for long.

  1. With forefinger and thumb he will moisten the forehead,

The Count of Senigallia to his own
The Venus through several of thin forehead,
Three in seven days wounded dead.

  1. In the Castle of Figueras on a misty day

A sovereign prince will be born of an infamous woman:
Surname of breeches on the ground will make him posthumous,
Never was there a King so very bad in his province.

10. Stained with murder and enormous adulteries,
Great enemy of the entire human race:
One who will be worse than his
grandfathers, uncles or fathers,
In steel, fire, waters, bloody and

11. At the dangerous passage below Junquera,
The posthumous one will have his band cross:
To pass the Pyrenees mountains
without his baggage,
From Perpignan the duke will
hasten to Tende.

12. Elected Pope, as elected he will be mocked,
Suddenly unexpectedly moved
prompt and timid:
Through too much goodness and
kindness provoked to die,
Fear extinguished guides the night of his death.

13. Beneath the food of ruminating animals,
led by them to the belly of the
fodder city:
Soldiers hidden, their arms making a noise,
Tried not far from the city of

14. Urnel Vaucile without a purpose on his own,
Bold, timid, through fear overcome and captured:
Accompanied by several pale
Convinced in the Carthusian
convent at Barcelona.

15. Father duke old in years and choked by thirst,
On his last day his don denying him the jug:
Into the well plunged alive he will
come up dead,
Senate to the thread death long and light.

16. Happy in the realm of France, happy in life,
Ignorant of blood, death, fury and plunder:
For a flattering name he will be
A concealed King, too much faith in the kitchen.

17. The convict Queen seeing her
daughter pale,
Because of a sorrow locked up in
her breast:
Lamentable cries will come then
from Angoul?,
And the marriage of the first cousin impeded.

18. The house of Lorraine will make way for Vend?
The high put low, and the low put
The son of Mammon will be elected in Rome,
And the two great ones will be put at a loss.

29. The day that she will be hailed as Queen,
The day after the benediction the
The reckoning is right and valid,
Once humble never was one so

20. All the friend who will have
belonged to the party,
For the rude in letters put to death and plundered:
Property up for sale at fixed price
the great one annihilated.
Never were the Roman people so

Through the spite of the King
supporting the lesser one,
He will be murdered presenting the
jewels to him:
The father wishing to impress
nobility on the son
Does as the Magi did of yore in
For not wishing to consent to the
Which then afterwards will be
recognized as unworthy:
The King of the Isles will be driven
out by force,
In his place put one who will have
no mark of a king.
The remonstrances made to the
ungrateful people,
Thereupon the army will seize
The complaints will place Monace in
the arch,
And at Fr?s the one will take the
shore from the other
The captive prince conquered in
Will pass Genoa by sea as far as
Through great exertion by the
foreigners overcome,
Safe from gunshot, barrel of bee’s
Through the Ebro to open the
passage of Bisanne,
Very far away will the Tagus make a
In Pelligouxe will the outrage be
By the great lady seated in the
The successor will avenge his
To occupy the realm under the
shadow of vengeance:
Obstacle slain his blood for the
death blame,
For a long time will Brittany hold
with France.
Through the fifth one and a great
They will come to open the temple
by hand of war:
One Clement, Julius and Ascanius set
The sword, key, eagle, never was
there such a great animosity.
Second and third which make prime
By the King to be sublimated in
Through the fat and the thin almost
By the false report of Venus to be
In a cave of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole a
Hidden and seized pulled out by the
Led captive like a mastiff beast
By the Bigorre people brought to
near Tarbes.
Nephew and blood of the new saint
Through the surname he will sustain
arches and roof:
They will be driven out put to death
chased nude,
Into red and black will they convert
their green.
The Holy Empire will come into
The Ishmaelites will find open
The asses will want also Carmania,
The supporters all covered by earth.
The great empire, everyone would
be of it,
One will come to obtain it over the
But his realm and state will be of
short duration,
Two years will he be able to
maintain himself on the sea.
The cruel faction in the long robe
Will come to hide under the sharp
The Duke to seize Florence and the
diphthong place,
Its discovery by immature ones and
The Gaul who will hold the empire
through war,
He will be betrayed by his minor
He will be drawn by a fierce,
prancing horse,
The brother will be hated for the
deed for a long time
The younger son of the king flagrant
in burning lust
To enjoy his first cousin:
Female attire in the Temple of
Going to be murdered by the
unknown one of Maine.
Upon the King of the stump
speaking of wars,
The United Isle will hold him in
For several good years one gnawing
and pillaging,
Through tyranny in the isle esteem
The great assembly near the Lake of
They will meet near Montm?an:
Going beyond the thoughtful ones
will draw up a plan,
Chamb?, Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne,
Saint-Julien combat.
Sprightly love lays the siege not far,
The garrisons will be at the
barbarian saint:
The Orsini and Adria will provide a
guarantee for the Gauls,
For fear delivered by the army to
the Grisons.
First son, widow, unfortunate
Without any children two Isles in
Before eighteen, incompetent age,
For the other one the betrothal will
take place while younger.
The young heir to the British realm,
Whom his dying father will have
The latter dead Lonole will dispute
with him,
And from the son the realm
On the boundary of Caussade and
Not at all far from the bottom of the
Music from Villefranche to the
sound of lutes,
Encompassed by cymbals and great
The humane realm of Anglican
It will cause its realm to hold to
peace and union:
War half-captive in its enclosure,
For long will it cause them to
maintain peace.
Too much good times, too much of
royal goodness,
Ones made and unmade, quick,
sudden, neglectful:
Lightly will he believe falsely of his
loyal wife,
He put to death through his
When a King will be against his
A native of Blois will subjugate the
Memel, Cordoba and the
Of the seven then the shadow to the
King, New Year?s money and
The shadow of the realm of Navarre
It will make his life one of fate
The vow made in Cambrai wavering,
King Orl?s will give a lawful wall.
In life, fate and death a sordid,
unworthy man of gold,
He will not be a new Elector of
From Brunswick he will send for a
sign of love,
The false seducer delivering it to the
At the Garland lady of the town of
They will impose for the treason
The great prelate of Leon through
Undone by false pilgrims and
Banners of the deepest part of
Coming out from the tip and ends of
Troubles passing near the bridge of
Its great army will be routed by a
Garden of the world near the new
In the path of the hollow
It will be seized and plunged into
the Tub,
Forced to drink waters poisoned by
The Meuse by day in the land of
It will find Saturn and three in the
Mountain and plain, town, city and
Flood in Lorraine, betrayed by the
great urn.
Some of the lowest places of the
land of Lorraine
Will be united with the Low
Through those of the see Picards,
Normans, those of Main,
And they will be joined to the
At the place where the Lys and the
Scheldt unite,
The nuptials will be arranged for a
long time:
At the place in Antwerp where they
carry the chaff,
Young old age wife undefiled.
The three concubines will fight each
other for a long time,
The greatest one the least will
remain to watch:
The great Selin will no longer be her
She will call him fire shield white
She born in this world of a furtive
At two raised high by the sad news:
She will be taken captive by her
And brought to Malines and
The unfortunate nuptials will be
In great joy but the end unhappy:
Husband and mother will slight the
The Apollo dead and the daughter-
in-law more pitiful.
The royal prelate his bowing too
A great flow of blood will come out
of his mouth:
The Anglican realm a realm pulled
out of danger,
For long dead as a stump alive in
The uplifted one will not know his
He will disgrace the young children
of the greatest ones:
Never was there a more filthy and
cruel being,
For their wives the king will banish
them to death.
In the time of mourning the feline
Will make war upon the young
Gaul to shake, the bark to be in
Marseilles to be tried in the West a
Within Lyons twenty-five of one
Five citizens, Germans, Bressans,
Undera noble one they will lead a
long train,
And discovered by barks of mastiffs.
I weep for Nice, Monaco, Pisa,
Savona, Siena, Capua, Modena,
For the above blood and sword for
a New Year’s gift,
Fire, the earth will tremble, water
an unhappy reluctance.
Betta, Vienna, Emorte, Sopron,
They will want to deliver Pannonia
to the Barbarians:
Enormous violence through pike
and fire,
The conspirators discovered by a
Near “Sorbia” to assail Hungary,
The herald of “Brudes” (dark ones?)
will come to warn them:
Byzantine chief, Salona of Slavonia,
He will come to convert them to the
law of the Arabs.
Cydonia, Ragusa, the city of St.
With healing help to grow green
The King’s son dead because of the
death of two heroes,
Araby and Hungary will take the
same course.
Weep Milan, weep Lucca and
As your great Duke climbs into the
The see to change it advances to
near Venice,
When at Rome the Colonna will
O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches,
Not of thy walls, of thy blood and
The one harsh in letters will make a
very horrible notch,
Pointed steel driven into all up to
the hilt.
The chief of London through the
realm of America,
The Isle of Scotland will be tried by
King and Reb will face an Antichrist
so false,
That he will place them in the
conflict all together.
A very mighty trembling in the
month of May,
Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and
Mercury in Taurus:
Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Virgo,
Hail will fall larger than an egg.
The army of the sea will stand
before the city,
Then it will leave without making a
long passage:
A great flock of citizens will be
seized on land,
Fleet to return to seize it great
The shining deed of the old one
exalted anew,
Through the South and Aquilon they
will be very great:
Raised by his own sister great
Fleeing, murdered in the thicket of
Through an object the eye will swell
very much,
Burning so much that the snow will
The fields watered will come to
As the primate succumbs at Reggio.
The earth and air will freeze a very
great sea,
When they will come to venerate
That which will be never was it so
From the four parts they will come
to honor it.
The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King
of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King
of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by
good luck.
The present time together with the
Will be judged by the great Joker:
The world too late will be tired of
And through the clergy oath-taker
The year of the great seventh
number accomplished,
It will appear at the time of the
games of slaughter:
Not far from the great millennial
When the buried will go out from
their tombs.
Long awaited he will never return
In Europe, he will appear in Asia:
One of the league issued from the
great Hermes,
And he will grow over all the Kings
of the East.
The great Senate will ordain the
For one who afterwards will be
vanquished, driven out:
At the sound of the trumpet of his
adherents there will be
Put up for sale their possessions,
enemies expelled.
Thirty adherents of the order of
Banished, their possessions given
their adversaries:
All their benefits will be taken as
Fleet dispersed, delivered to the
Sudden joy to sudden sadness,
It will occur at Rome for the graces
Grief, cries, tears, weeping, blood,
excellent mirth,
Contrary bands surprised and
trussed up.
The old roads will all be improved,
One will proceed on them to the
modern Memphis:
The great Mercury of Hercules fleur-
Causing to tremble lands, sea and
In the realm the great one of the
great realm reigning,
Through force of arms the great
gates of brass
He will cause to open, the King and
Duke joining,
Fort demolished, ship to the
bottom, day serene.
A treasure placed in a temple by
Hesperian citizens,
Therein withdrawn to a secret place:
The hungry bonds to open the
Retaken, ravished, a horrible prey
in the midst.
Cries, weeping, tears will come with
Seeming to flee, they will deliver a
final attack,
Parks around to set up high
The living pushed back and
murdered instantly.
The signal to give battle will not be
They will be obliged to go out of the
The banner around Ghent will be
Of him who will cause all his
followers to be put to death.
The illegitimate girl so high, high,
not low,
The late return will make the
grieved ones contended:
The Reconciled One will not be
without debates,
In employing and losing all his time.
The old tribune on the point of
He will be pressed not to deliver the
The will, non-will, speaking the
timid evil,
To deliver to his friends lawfully.
Like a griffin will come the King of
Accompanied by those of Aquilon:
He will lead a great troop of red
ones and white ones,
And And they will go against the King of
A Great King will come to take port
near Nice,
Thus the death of the great empire
will be completed:
In Antibes will he place his heifer,
The plunder by sea all will vanish.
Foot and Horse at the second watch,
They will make an entry devastating
all by sea:
Within the port of Marseilles he will
Tears, cries, and blood, never times
so bitter.
The walls will be converted from
brick to marble,
Seven and fifty pacific years:
Joy to mortals, the aqueduct
Health, abundance of fruits, joy and
mellifluous times.
A hundred times will the inhuman
tyrant die,
In his place put one learned and
The entire Senate will be under his
He will be vexed by a rash
In the year 1609, Roman clergy,
At the beginning of the year you will
hold an election:
Of one gray and black issued from
Never was there one so wicked as
Before his father the child will be
The father afterwards between
ropes of rushes:
The people of Geneva will have
exerted themselves,
The chief lying in the middle like a
The new bark will take trips,
There and near by they will transfer
the Empire:
Beaucaire, Arles will retain the
Near by, two columns of Porphyry
Scorn from N?s, from Arles and
Not to obey the Hesperian edict:
To the tormented to condemn the
great one,
Six escaped in seraphic garb.
To the Spains will come a very
powerful King,
By land and sea subjugating the
This evil will cause, lowering again
the crescent,
Clipping the wings of those of
The Religion of the name of the seas
will win out
Against the sect of the son of
The stubborn, lamented sect will be
Of the two wounded by A and A.
Triremes full of captives of every
Good time for bad, the sweet for the
Prey to the Barbarians hasty they
will be too soon,
Anxious to see the feather wail in
the wind.
For the merry maid the bright
Will shine no longer, for long will
she be without salt:
With merchants, bullies, wolves
All confusion universal monster.
The end of wolf, lion, ox and ass,
Timid deer they will be with
No longer will the sweet manna fall
upon them,
More vigilance and watch for the

The great empire will be for
The all-powerful one for more than
three hundred years:
Great forces to pass by sea and land,
The Lusitanians will not be satisfied

Nostradamus Lost Book, Hidden Prophecy- History Channel Documentary

Many people search for the Nostradamus Lost Book and the Hidden Prophecies. He is also called the Man Who Saw Tomorrow. He was featured in a History Channel documentary video where his predictions are explored to see if it is a hoax or if it is all true. The History Channel did a great job on showing what Nostradamus was all about and what his predictions are and how they have held up to the test of time.

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