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Airtel has launched a new unlimited 3G plan – The ‘data share plan’ that allows users to share data among two of their friends or family members or among three of their own devices. The plan is available on both prepaid and postpaid Airtel mobile connections.

How to activate: Airtel users need to SMS ‘DATA SHARE ADD Mobile Number’ to 121 to activate the plan. Users can also add mobile numbers of their friends and family by visiting Airtel’s website. Airtel charges Rs 1,000 per month for a 5GB of 3G data. Post 5GB of data usage, the connection speed drops to 80Kbps, which technically makes the plan unlimited. It is advised to talk to Airtel customer care before subscribing to the new data share plan as it might affect the user’s current 3G data plan.

It should be noted that this data plan can be shared only with customers on Airtel network within the same circle, which kind of limits the usability of the plan. The pack would have made more sense if users could have been used pan-India. One of the use case where we think it would make sense for a pan-India plan: A young working professional wants to share the connection with their family in different telecom circle. Usually it’s a pain for technically challenged senior folks to manage their internet connection. In that case, it would be much easier if their kids living away could manage their connection. However, we understand it would be difficult for Airtel to launch such plans as they hold 3G licences in only 15 of the 22 telecom circles. Besides, DoT had previously asked telecom operators to stop providing 3G services in telecom circles where they do not have the licence.

Apart from sharing the connection with 2 friends and family member, the plan also allows users to opt to share the connection with up to three of their own internet enabled devices. Data sharing plans are common in the US, however, with the increasing number of Indians adopting to multiple internet enabled gadgets, the plan makes sense in India as well where earlier people had to opt for a completely new connection for each gadget. Besides, maintaining those connections and bill payment is also an unnecessarily cumbersome task.

With Airtel taking an initiative to launch the data share plan, we can only hope other telecom operators with 3G licenses also launch such plans.

How to Activate 3G | GPRS | MMS | WAP Settings:

Activate 3G:To activate 3G services SMS 3G to 121 You will get a reply form Airtel saying that reply with 1 to activate 3G. Once you reply a sms with 1 to 121, You will receive the 3G settings after activation ( This may take up to 4Hrs). Save the received settings as default settings Or you can call  12134 to activate 3G and To deactivate, send the same sms 3G to 121 

Activate GPRS/MMS/WAP:To activate the Airtel GPRS/MMS/WAP services, send sms GPRSACT to 511  from your airtel mobile (Mobile Office)sms GPRSACT to 511

Automatic GPRS/MMS/WAP/3G settings download:

Automatic GPRS/MMS/WAP Settings:

To receive GPRS/MMS/WAP settings automatically send SMS MO to 2567 from your Airtel mobile. (Mobile Office)
sms  MO to 2567

Manual GPRS/WAP/3G/Settings:
 Below Manual GPRS configuration settings can be used for all mobile brands. iphone, htc, blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Samsung, Motorola. Same settings can be used or both prepaid and postpaid customers.

> Airtel Mobile office Manual GPRS/3G Settings:

Connection Name / Profile Name  :    Mobile Office
Data Bearer              :  GPRS
Access Point Name     :
User Name          :  none
Prompt Password    :  no
Password     :  no
Authentication    :     Normal
Gateway IP Address : No
Home Page     :
Connection Security  :    Off
Session Mode    : Permanent

> Manual GPRS/3G Settings for Nokia 6600, 3650, 3230, 3250, 6680, 6681, 6630, 5700, 5500, all E- Series, N- Series handsets

Go to Tools -> Settings-> Connections-> Access point-> Option-> New access point
Connection name :    Mobile Office
Data bearer:     gprs / packet data
Access point:
User Name:     None
Prompt password :    No
Password:     blank
Authetication:     normal

Manual GPRS Settings for Nokia 3220, 3500, 5220, 7260, 6020, 6070, 6080, 6021, 6170, 7280, 7270, 6030, 2630, 8800, 6101, 6070, 6270, 6280, 6131, 6125, 6300, 3110, 3500, 5300, 5310, 5130, 5200, 2600, 6233(classic), 6500 (classic Versions )

go to Settings-> Configuration Settings->  Personal Configuration Settings-> Select options ->  add new
Select Web or services
Account Name:       Mobile Office
Home Page:
Username:     none
Password:     blank
Use Preferred Access Point: NO
Define Access Point Settings: OK
Access Point Settings:     Proxy-Disable
Proxy Address:     blank
Proxy Port:     blank
Data bearer:     GPRS / PACKET DATA
Bearer Settings:
Gprs Access Point Name   :
Authentication Type:     Normal
Username:     blank
Password:     blank
come back to main menu In main menu Go to the web/services click option-select settings you will get general, in general you will get access point, in access point you have to select Mobile Office as default. 

Manual GPRS/3G Settings for Motorola C380, C381P, C975, C550, C650, E398, V3, V3 Razr, V80, V220, V300, V500, V525, V535, V545, V600, V620, L6, L7, L9

Open Menu ->  Web Access -> Web Sessions ->  New Entry.
Enter the below details
Name:     Mobile Office
Service Type 1:     http
Gateway IP 1 or proxy1     blank
Port 1:     blank
User Name:     blank
Password:     blank
Press Done.

Manual GPRS settings for Samsung E250, C170, C160, E251, D820, D600, E800, E820, P730, S500, X100, X100A, X460, X600, X600A, X640, X640C
Enter the below details in

1.Open Menu -> Fun box->WWW Services->; Proxy Settings.
2. Scroll to the desired profile and then press Select.
Fill your parameters as shown below:
Proxy Name:       Mobile Office
Home URL:
Bearer:     GPRS/GSM

4.Select GPRS setting > Gateway.
Fill your parameters as shown below:
IP address:     blank
IP Port:     blank

6.Return to GPRS setting.
Fill your parameters as shown below:
APN             :
Login ID  :     blank
Password :     blank

8.Return to WWW Services and then select Current Proxy.
9.Highlight Mobile Office and press Select.
10.To start WAP session select Home.
11.To finish WAP session press NO.

Manual WAP Settings (Net On Phone-NOP):

Airtel Mobile office Manual WAP Settings:
Connection Name = Airtelwap(or anything)
Data Bearer          = GPRS
Access point name       =
User Name = none
Password = No
Authentication = Normal
Homepage =

Airtel MMS Manual Settings:

Connection Name / Profile Name  :    Airtel MMS
Data Bearer              :  GPRS
Access Point Name     :
User Name          :  none
Prompt Password    :  No
Password     : No
Authentication    :     Normal
Gateway IP Address : No
Homepage –

Proxy Address –
Proxy Port – 8799

2. Airtel has offered Manual Mobile Office Setting instructions for Non-OTA devices after they received complaints about problem in GPRS settings on certain devices. Since the automatic GPRS settings doesn’t work on some devices, these instructions would help the customers to set manual settings for the these devices.

Manual Mobile Office Setting instructions for Blackberry, iPhone, HTC and Samsung Phones

Get your Mobile Internet settings, SMS : ALL to 2222, FREE, Get Mobile Internet setting(3G/GPRS/MMS/airtel live W@P) setting Free of charge Airtel

-Select Service-, *141#, 3G settings, 3G/Internet Settings for 
Click for exciting apps. Browsing charges may apply at 10p/10KB. Receive the GPRS manual settings on your handset 
Mobile Internet pack will only work on GPRS / internet compatible devices. » For Internet settings pls SMS MO to 543210 (Toll Free). » The above plan is
Go to profile settings. Profile name : Airtel Internet Home url: http://www.gogle. com. Bearer: GPRS only. Proxy: disable. Select GPRS settings. DNS1:…/MobilePrepaidTariffTab.jsp?…/ Internet%2520settings%2520for%2520Samsung…
A Shanepedia Compilation

A Shanepedia Compilation

Along with thanks and compliments to the sources for the shared data


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