Alarms Clocks For Hefty Sleepers

Blue alarm clock

Blue alarm clock

It’s really a tough job for hefty sleepers to get up in the morning. No one can make them to wake up early in the morning, except alarm clocks. Though it irritates, these alarm clocks is the best solution for hefty sleepers. Here is a list of some creative alarm clocks for heavy sleepers provided by eentertainment magazine

Wake Up And Work Out Clock

It weights around 1.5 pounds. It won’t stop or shut off until unless you do 30 bicep curls. You can’t cheat this alarm, because it contains motion sensors internally.

alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

Wake Up, Work Out Alarm Clock


Here is a solution for those, who have a habit of snooze the clock and sleeping again.
Of about 3 feet’s this wheeled clock will roll and leaps after a snooze, hides beeping in variety of patterns until you woke up and find it.

alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

Clocky- An Intelligent Alarm clock

It will play hide n seek with you while beeping .



Clocky is a small, simple alarm clock flanked on both sides by large wheels. The alarm goes off, you can hit snooze, but the second time, Clocky takes off in a random direction and attempts to hide.

Laser Target Alarm Clock

Heavy sleepers— Increase your hand and eye coordination with this laser target alarm clock even if you are in a half sleep. Hit on the bull’s eye with a laser remote that is handed held to silence the Laser Target alarm clock when it makes sounds. Of course, it’s challenging too if you change the target place in your room daily.

alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

Laser Target Alarm Clock

Super Shaker Sonic Boom

It’s totally a noisy clock. The 113-decibel alarm is as loud as a jackhammer. If the volume alone is not sufficient, then there is flashing red lights and a bed shaker unit that will definitely make you to come out of bed.

alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

Sonic Boom


This highlighter fades with in 5 months automatically

A Shanepedia Compilation

A Shanepedia Compilation

Along with thanks and compliments to the sources for the shared data

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