This page is about the ancient world and its forgotten glory’s as it is seen as the confused years of History.

we shall document using ancient sources to guide us.

History is an enthralling topic to study given the natural inquisitiveness of humanity. Many questions can come up which you want or need the answers for, the most common being could the past have any impact on the world at present or perhaps on the life of particular individuals?

Map of the World in the year 1 CE.

Map of the World in the year 1 CE.

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Map of the World in 100 CE.

Map of the World in 100 CE.

The ancient world

Awareness of the roots of civilization is crucial to obtaining a broad historical education. For many hundreds of years arts education was based on ancient history and ancient languages such as Greek and Latin. In the modern era, our education of the ancient world was enhanced by archaeology. Many books for reference which look at the ruins of ancient villages and buildings offer a captivating glance inside the way of life of the ancients.

Map of the World in 300 CE.

Map of the World in 300 CE.

The strengths of Synchronized Ancient History

 “We have an enormous job ahead of us..isn’t it by documenting our story’s as we go back to TimesSpecially with the help of Arts and ancient folklore’s

There exists a whole world of history around for you to uncover and benefit from in history books to read, including cultures and beliefs of the eastern world. Religious history essays create inroads for a clearer knowledge of the historical account of people. Conceivably If everyone understood all the different races of the world further wars or conflicts may in no way ensue and political difficulties might be resolved far faster and much easier.

English: This is a demo copy of Terra Tempus D...

This is a demo copy of Terra Tempus Dynamic maps Atlases of History of the Ancient World and History of the Americas created by professional historian,Sergei Allahverdi -Amatuni,Ph.D.

There are lots of distinct facets to history and there is moreover a great deal of it. Reading books on history can offer valuable insights into the actual existence of individuals from times past and reading how their problems might link to our own is a lesson worth learning.

Two maps of the ancient world, public domain, ...

Two maps of the ancient world, public domain, scanned by WMF intern Mitch Hoffman

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A Shanepedia Compilation

A Shanepedia Compilation

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