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Now You Can Create Your Own Magazines on Flipboard

The personalized magazine creation tool is really catching on.

Now anyone can create a beautiful digital magazine of customized content, thanks to Flipboard. In a highly touted new feature, version 2.0 of the iconic newsstand app allows users to tap and select articles, photos, and video they find on Flipboard to create magazines on any interest or topic.

Find everything that matters to you from world news to life’s great moments. Just tap the [+]  to save anything from the web – stories, photos, audio and more – into your own magazines to flip through later or share with friends.

Flipboard, which previously offered a virtual magazine experience based on a user’s social network accounts and activities. A self-curated feed that can be shared around to others is something that turns everyone into publishers, and while not dramatically different from Flipboard’s original model, the decision to basically extend publisher tools to others has provided not only a means to provide a new vector for user engagement, but also a potential revenue opportunity.

Something for Everyone.

Flipboard is your personal magazine, filled with the things you care about. Catch up on the news, discover amazing things from around the world, or stay connected to the people closest to you–all in one place.


The best content is just
a flip away.

Explore staff picks in the Content Guide including hundreds of magazines, thought-provoking blogs, gorgeous photography and well-curated sections including news of the day and other topics.

Save your favorite stories, photos and videos from across the web. Then create your own beautiful magazines on any topic from Mid Century Design to Italian Cooking to Gadgets I Love.

From the famous to just the fabulously obsessed, other Flipboard users have made their own unique magazines. Topics range from new technology to vintage motorcycles—subscribe to your favorites and share with friends.


Librarians and other educators could use the app to create publications on book or movie news for teens Or even launch a publication around a student research topics, Libraries could also assemble articles and images into a slick advocacy tool.

“So guys start thinking about how you might create magazines—for kids, teens, parents, adults you work with, colleagues, administrators, anyone in the community.

Get the App

Now available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire & NOOK.


Add anything you like from the web into your magazines with the ‘Flip It’ bookmarklet. Learn more.

+ Flip it

Flip Tips

FlipTip: Get the Flip It bookmarklet extension for Chrome

View More Flip Tips

New with Flipboard 2.0 accounts allow you to create and manage your own magazines. This feature is only available for iOS devices at this time. Android 2.0 is coming soon.

You have to Create Flipboard account

To create an account, you must first be in the Flipboard app. Flipboard do not support account creation on the web at this time.

Once you have Flipboard installed and completed the Get Started process, tap the red ribbon in the upper right corner to open the Content Guide, then “My Flipboard” and select “Create.”

The best way to bring all your Flipboard content from one device to another is to create a Flipboard Account on your primary device first. This way, when you sign in on your new device all your Flipboard content will be there.

A Shanepedia Compilation

A Shanepedia Compilation

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  1. N A says:

    I am using Samsung Grand Android handset and have downloaded Flipboard App.

    It’s a hilarious app and working cool..

    So now Android user can download Flipboard and start publishing their own magazine.


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